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Wandering Wolf Soapworks

Seaside Cliffs Bar Soap

Seaside Cliffs Bar Soap

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Seaside Cliffs is a captivating scent of fresh, ozonic ocean tide rolling up on a rocky shoreline. Notes of ocean air, sea salt, jasmine, powdered musk, and cedar leaf all combine to transport you straight to the ocean, looking over as the water crashes against the rocks. Made with goat's milk. 

Scent Strength: Moderate

Size: Each bar will weigh approximately 4.5 ounces. Measurements are roughly 2.25"L x 3.75"H x 1"W. Each of our bars are hand cut, meaning there will be variation in exact weights and measurements. 

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Lard, Coconut Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Goat's Milk, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Fragrance, Kaolin Clay, Sodium Lactate, Sugar, Mica, Black Walnut Powder.

About: All of our seasonal soaps are lovingly made in small batches, meaning there are limited quantities of each variety! Once they are gone, they are gone. Due to the soaps being handcrafted, there will never be two bars that look exactly the same. Designs and colors will be similar to advertised soaps, but each bar will have variations in exact appearance. Because of the colorants used in the soaps, the lather and runoff of the soap may be colored. This is harmless, and will wash off. It will not stain your body, or your tub/sink.

Use: For external use only. Soaps will last the longest if they are able to dry out in between uses: use a soap dish or other means of providing a dry and ventilated environment in order to increase the lifetime of the bar.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I love this soap, it so fresh and smells just like the ocean. I think this is my absolute favorite because the scent is universal. It won't clash with lotion or perfume scents. It really is the perfect soap.

Erin Crain
Can't go wrong with this one!

I have bought several different soaps and I love how I can enjoy their amazing scents without the irritating ingredients that make my skin itch like from other soaps. Seaside Cliffs is a great unisex scent that maybe leans to feminine. There is a slight floral scent that is clean but tempered with earthiness. Not to mention the bar is just gorgeous.

Carolea Oakes

I bought this as a gift and picture below shows her incredible review of it! She is now definitely a customer as well!

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